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    5 Ocak 2020 yazan:

    Machinima, as a portmanteau word of ‘cinema’ and ‘machine’, refers to filming actions, role-plays and dialogues between 3D virtual characters or avatars. Creating such videos in 3D Virtual Learning Environment – VLE, involves planning and performing activities such rehearsing, scripting and storyboarding, as well as editing and refilming. The versatility of the medium allows for… Devamını oku


    5 Ocak 2020 yazan:

    Hello everyone,today we will look at Glogster application.Glogster is a cloud-based (SaaS) platform for presentation and interactive learning. It allows users to mix all kinds of media on a virtual canvas to create multimedia posters, and access a library of engaging educational content created by students and educators worldwide. As a learner-centered tool, Glogster supports students’ building of… Devamını oku

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